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Are you on a new adventure and are planning a move? Does moving sound super daunting to you and stressful? Well don't worry, and definitely read on for some helpful budget friendly tips and tricks to make your move more streamlined and hopefully less stressful. Keep reading for our ultimate checklist in planning a streamlined, simpler move.

My husband and I have moved allot over the last 12 years. For us its been kinda fun, we love it really. The thrill of something new, the forced purging of ones things to make moving easier, and of course a new place to decorate! Don't get me wrong tho, I definitely understand that the whole moving part is super stressful and overwhelming. There is so much to do and organize before hand and its hard freaking work if you are moving the stuff yourself, which we do, because i'm far to cheap to pay a moving company! Kids also do NOT make moving easier, shocker, i needless to say we have absolutely slowed down our moving frenzy since having littles. I would absolutely love to share with you some of the things we have found super helpful in prepping for a move.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist-General Guidelines for a stress-less move

o Its decided, your moving! Depending on how soon the move is, I try and book our moving truck and cleaner at least a month in advance.

o Plan all your logistics out now. Organize new utilities, cable providers, figure out mail forwarding and so on. Are you going to be moving to another town? We had to make an extra trip to drop off a vehicle, so had to find babysitters for a certain day. Have a brain storming session and write down all the little things that need to happen and then start checking things off the list as soon as you can.

o Go thru and purge all those closets, pantries, storage and garage spaces. Start with your worst most messiest spot. Think Monica from friends messy closet and start there! Organize everything into three categories. "Keep" "Sell/Give Away" "Trash" Sell or giveaway any unwanted furniture, kitchen things, clothing, tools....all that stuff, and get the rest to either the recycling or trash. I do this the second we know we are moving, It just makes the packing so much easier.

Quick tip- invest in heavy duty plastic storage totes for all your garage and cold storage items. these will hold up better then a box long term, are waterproof and will also will make moving in the future so much easier. Here is a link to our favorite heavy duty totes HERE or for USA customers click HERE. They stack up so nice and are a great size to load on a dolly and move around. We invested in ours over 6 years ago and defs haven't regretted it!

o Once you have gone thru everything and decided what exactly you will be keeping start boxing things up. Go room by room with a box and start filling it with non essential things like off season clothing, stacks of books, stuff you can do without for a while until you move. The more you do in advance, just makes the last week before moving so much easier. Find a "box staging area" and start putting everything in the same place that needs to be moved.

o Are you having to hire a cleaner or will you be doing the move out cleaning yourself. If you will be taking on the task, be organized, start cleaning rooms you aren't using anymore or as often. Do this like 2 weeks before. Spot clean your walls, clean the windows, dust the baseboard, scrub the stove and do all that dirty work ahead of time. All these little things add up and will make the final clean easier and faster.

o the week leading up to the move start packing it all. Again, starting room by room, figure out your wardrobe for the week and pack the rest, leave out some essential kitchen items and pack the rest, same in the bathroom and all your other rooms. You would be surprised at how fast this part goes once you have de-cluttered. Leave a backpack or tote in each room that might have any extras to pack the day of moving.

o Do your move out clean the night before.

o Its Moving day! Load up your truck, wrap up any last minute cleaning and your off on a new adventure to a fun new place!

There is so much more involved then just packing up boxes and if you can do a majority of the work ahead of time, it just takes so much stress off that last week before moving. Writing a great list of do dos and checking things of the list as soon as you can is key in making your move more organized and so much less chaotic. I wish you a pleasant, easy move and hope this tips helped keep you n track!

Thanks for reading!



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