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The idea that fall is right around the corner brings me such unbelievable excitement. I love it, the colors, a blanket of fallen leaves covering the ground, the bonfires, sweater weather, and of course all the delicious soups, stews and chili that naturally come with it all. Nothing is more comforting on a cold day then a nice hearty bowl of homemade soup. YUM. Its without a doubt that fall is my favorite time of the year!

A little over 8 years ago I was super keen to find a way to make soups and stews without the use of those chemical filled bullion and prepackaged stocks. I also didn't always have time to thaw my frozen bone broth and or was making a vegetarian dish and couldn't use a bone broth anyways. I was soooooo surprised to find out how EASY it was to do this, to create a stock in just a few minutes and have a soup turn out so filled with delicious flavor! Huge WIN for our clan thats for sure. Ill also share a GAMECHANGER in soup making the item that I would reccomend highly if only to make soups with. This will cut your


Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time: 1 Hour: Note: This will feed about 5 people with a little left over

1 Large Onion Chopped

2 Carrots Chopped

3 or 4 celery stock LEAVES TOO

1 Tbs butter or oil

Cheese cloth filled with your fave herbs or herbs thatcoordiate to your soups theme.

salt to taste * More details in the process section below

2-6 cups of water

The Process:

Step 1. You will need a large pot, not a huge stock pot but something that will fit 6 or so cups of water in it.

Step 2. Chop all the veggies, aesthetic doesn't matter here your going to puree them in another step. You can add other veggies depending on the soup your making, about 20 minutes before the soup is done simmering. This recipe is purely how to start out without using a bullion.

Step 3. Add the oil to your pot and then your veggies, sprinkle everything with pepper and salt. I like to use a combo if salts, from celery salt to garlic salt and sea salt. Don't be shy with the salt, your going to be adding a bunch of water. Saute, on med/high heat until they start to become soft.

NOTE** if you are wanting a tomato base for chili or beef/taco type soups then this is when you can add some de-seeded and chopped tomatoes.4

Step 4. Add your water & herb packet, let that all simmer for an hour, make sure its bubbling. Add your water a couple of cups at a time, depending on what you are making. If you are making a stew or chili, obviously a significantly lesser amount of water would need to be added. Add the water to desired constancy plus 1/2 cup to allow for it to boil down a bit.

Step 5. This part is the most fun! This is the time to experiment and customize! About 20-30 minutes before your soup is done add all the extras! Noodles, barley, rice, extra veg, cheese, meat, whaaaaatever! Add flour in step 3 to create a thicker consistency for a creamy broccoli & cheddar soup, add some corn, cumin and beans for a veggie taco style soup or keep it simple with some extra veg and chicken or beef. The options are endless and your family will be eating a delicious from scratch heart homemade soup.


K, so remember I mentioned a big huge soup making game changer! I was gifted this product at the perfect time, during Christmas last year, and fell in LOVE immediately. We have been using it on the regular this entire time!! It cuts your cook time in half, sautes and comes with a handy little basket to keep any meat with bone you might be adding separate and easy to remove. Further more you can throw frozen meats into this thing and it will safely cook in half the time you would normally cook thawed meat in the oven!

The INSTANT POT, is hands down my fave kitchen gadget so far ESPECIALLY for making soups, stews and chili. You can also do the entire process in the pot, from saute to serve and it is definitely a life saver on days where dinner goes om forgotten. This can easily make dinner time prep a 30 minute process from start to finish, even from frozen! Healthy meals are made so fast and easy, and its the perfect little took for making dump and go meals, ya know, like the traditional crock pot dinner but in minutes not hours and without compromising taste!

I have added a link here for you to check out on AMAZON. Full disclosure, I am an amazon associate and will receive small percent of any purchases made using my link.

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